Seagate Lyve Cloud
Virtual Hackathon
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A virtual Hackathon
for and by the Israeli Cloud Community

A new cloud solution came to the world - Lyve Cloud by Seagate.
Introducing a new approach to cloud storage. Lyve™ Cloud from Seagate® is your simple, trusted and efficient storage as a service. Long-term cost predictability means you’ll never be surprised by your cloud bill. Put your data to work with always-on availability, world-class security, and cloud flexibility from the global leader in mass data storage management.

Simple. Trusted. Efficient

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Winners Announcement
@ Seagate Tel-Aviv Office 18:00

What are we looking for in this  Hackathon?

Each participant/team will get access to Lyve Cloud 100TB of data!
Here are some ideas for Hackathon challenges (You are more than welcome to bring your idea):

Integrate and optimize open source big data solutions to work well with Lyve Cloud, such as Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, Presto.

Connect other public cloud big data software stacks with Lyve Cloud’s S3 services, such as Big Query, or Amazon EMR and describing how best to configure them to work with Lyve Cloud.

Build a data migration and movement solution from other Cloud vendors to Lyve Cloud, including monitoring data movement and handling network issues.

Create a plug-in to connect Lyve Cloud’s audit logs to other Monitoring and Logging services by converting and streaming the logs into these other services such as Azure monitoring, Google Cloud Logging , Amazon CloudTrail. 

Visualizing data and performance of Lyve Cloud's.

Connect any application/Services to Lyve Cloud API.

Additionally, we are open to an innovative use for mass data access by connecting any application or service to Lyve Cloud’s APIs in a meaningful way.

Optimized configuration for  Lyve Cloud

Easy script for set-up for Lyve Cloud

An application that exemplifies Lyve Cloud

Our judging panel

A successful integration
 would be when the following are met:


A  document highlights the solution key points:
- The challenge selected
- The purpose of the solution                         - Explaining how to set up and use the integration

Integration code/script

Pull request to a selected repository

A video

Demonstrating the set up and functionality of the integration

Working & Live Demo

Demonstrating the set up and functionality of the integration

Amazing Prizes for
The Winners

First place will win - $6,000
Second place will win - $2,500
Third place will win - $1,500

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Hackathon Agenda

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